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Kosmicheskaya Legenda
To commemorate this day in history – semicentennial of the first manned spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin, the Saratovskaya oblast radio amateurs organize the activity days. The radio amateurs worldwide are invited to join the activities.

1.Dates April 06, 2011 (beginning 0:00 ut) through April 12, 2011 (23:59 ut).

2.Bands: radio amateur HF bands, WARC, VHF – 144MHz, UHF – 430MHz.

3.Modes: CW, SSB, FM, digital modes.

4.The special event station will sign as RG50C from the site of the landing place of Yuri Gagarin throughout all the activity days.

5.Participation in the activity days can help to meet the conditions of the awards Volzhskie Dali,
Gagarinskoe Pole and the special event award Kosmicheskaya Legenda 50.
The conditions of the awards Volzhskie Dali, Gagarinskoe Pole can be read on the websites:,

6. To win the award Kosmicheskaya Legenda 50 one should score 50 points.
The QSOs valid for the award should be made since April 06 2011 through April 11 2016
Points assigned for the QSOs:
= with the orbital international space station RS0ISS - 10 points;
= with cosmonaut/astronaut hams: 5 points;
= with special radio stations: RG50C, RG50F, RG50K, RK50G, R3К, R50YG, R50SK, R50KEDR, RG50D, RK50DPP, R1961G
and others, relevant to this anniversary: 3 points;
= with hams from the Saratovskaya oblast and hams, SRVS members (the Military Officers Radio Amateur Union): 1 point.
(SRVS members indicate their membership number at QSOs)

One station can be worked once on each band/mode.
At operation only on the 160m band the points are doubled, on 2m and 70cm – tripled.
The points for QSOs with the activity days participants on April 12 2011 (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
within the period of 05.07 ut through 06.55 ut (timespan of the spaceflight of Yuri Gagarin), are tripled.

SWLs can win the award at similar conditions.
- Saratovskaya oblast hams and SRVS members must score 50 or more QSOs to get the award.
The award fee are to be sent to the address:
Alexander Makevkin, RA4CEO
pos.Svetlyj, P.O.Box 135 Saratovskaya oblast 412163 Russia
the fee charged for an award:
- 70 RUR - hams from Russia;
- 5 USD – non-Russia hams;
- 40 RUR - junior club stations (club stations in the educational institutions).
- Free of charge - combatant and non-combatant veterans of the World War II, military participants of combats
(the number of QSOs for the award is not limited).
Applications for the Kosmicheskaya legenda 50 award must be submitted as an extract from a computer log file
(a paper option is also applicable) to the address:
- Alexander Makevkin, RA4CEO, pos.Svetlyj, P.O.Box 135 Saratovskaya oblast 412163 Russia
A QSO with the special event station RG50C is eligible for a memorial QSL card:
a) according to a log, via national QSL-bureaux;
b) direct - (SASE – self addressed stamped envelope) via RA4CEO
To the address: Alexander Makevkin, RA4CEO, pos.Svetlyj, P.O.Box 135 Saratovskaya oblast 412163 Russia

7. Results of the activity days.
The activity days participants are asked to send their reports in Cabrillo format to e-mail:
(paper reports are also accepted) untill May, 15th 2011г.

All participants are categorized as follows:
- Russian radio amateur stations;
- Junior club stations;
- non-Russia amateur radio stations;
- Saratov oblast amateur radio stations;
- Radio amateurs, SVRS members.

8. Awarding.
Following awards will be granted:
a)awards - for 1, 2, 3 place;
b) the award Kosmicheskaya Legenda 50 (prize-winners: 1, 2, 3 places);
c) the award Kosmicheskaya Legenda 50 to each operator of the prizewinning junior club station (1, 2, 3 place).

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